*SOLD OUT* LANTRA Online (Top Up) Rider Postural Evaluation & Stabilisation

Friday, April 09, 2021 - Wednesday, April 28, 2021
06:00 PM - 08:30 PM
London, UK

This 30 hour Top Up Training programme for professional coaches, trainers, saddle fitters, therapists and veterinarians demonstrates a simple, fast fix postural solution that can be identified and applied to unlock the rider's and their horse's equitation performance once their performance inhibiting potential has been identified and addressed. By identifying and addressing the competent rider’s subtle static rotational asymmetries, performing simple core strength tests on the unmounted rider and suggesting barely perceptible enhancements, rapid improvements to the horse’s way of going can typically be achieved, optimising the practitioner's usual intervention techniques as a result.

Completion of this equine short course will provide learners with the knowledge required to apply a firm foundation of theory towards rider independent stabilisation and balance techniques to enhance their ridden performance by encouraging the horse to work in a more efficient, elevated frame without coercion. Techniques include a selection of the latest most innovative Vertical Balanced Riding techniques from Sweden formulated by rider physiotherapist, Lena Gunnarsson and Ergo2X Saddle Designer/Fitter, Maria Hallring. A basic assessment of the saddle for rider fit and suitability will complete the performance enhancement process.

Broadcast Friday 9th April 6-8.30pm, Saturday 10th April 6-8.30pm, Wednesday 21st April 6-8pm and Wednesday 28th April 6-8pm with replays. Assignment hand in date - 17th May. Unlike many equestrian webinars unsuccessfully attempting to use video as a teaching aid for a mass audience, the broadcasting software used in this webinar series provides high quality video streaming throughout. Replays will be available for review throughout the course. Please note that attendance of 3 out of 4 of the live guided learning webinars is mandatory for Lantra competence certification, together with completion of assignments to a satisfactory standard.

A previous attendee of this 2019 lecture demo stated in social media about the content:

"Highly recommend everyone to try and get to one of these. We students were constantly hearing and being shown perfectly obvious but hitherto untold information that everyone dealing with horses should know. Feel mortified that I have been a qualified riding instructor/trainer and have not known what we all learnt today. As we were a knowledgeable group of students who clearly care about the welfare of horses but did not already know what we were shown, this demonstrates - in my personal opinion, that the whole horse industry is failing horses." C.E.

Lantra accredited, registered and certified with submission of an assignment as evidence of competence. An additional £25 registration fee is payable no less than 7 days before the course begins, together with £50 for 12 hours of supplementary online independent learning lectures. A £100 assignment marking fee is payable on completion of the final assignment before submission. Attendance of 3 out of the 4 live webinars is mandatory (replays available). Access to a horse, saddle and rider combination, together with a saddle stand/buck for evaluating the rider off the horse, will be needed for the final assignment. Participants receive a Lantra certificate certifying competence on successful completion and assessment. For unsuccessful or partial completion, an individual non-accredited, non-competence certified CPD certificate will be issued for the modules completed. The total cost for this Lantra competence certified programme is £295.

There will be a short video assignment set on the second and third session. The videos will evidence your competence and are mandatory. Videos are submitted immediately before the subsequent webinar. The final video will be set after the fourth session and will direct you to compile case studies to consolidate your learning. You will have 3 weeks to complete and submit your final film. There is no written work - just film creation (tuition for this is given).

After the first webinar you will be directed to complete the 12 hours of online lectures set as independent study and you can view them at your own pace.

Presented by veterinary physiotherapist, graduate sports therapist and Vertical Balanced Riding Instructor, Caroline Lindsay, this live, interactive webinar has been created so that equine and equestrian practitioners around the world can participate in, specifically to evaluate the techniques with a view to adding to their techniques toolbox as their current level of training, insurance and expertise permits. A guest lecturer is scheduled.

Full information about Caroline Lindsay can be found here: http://www.horsesaddlerider.com/about/

Live Webinar Session Content:

  1. The importance of optimal posture in horse, saddle and rider equitation performance.
  2. Postural assessment of the unmounted rider. - neutral pelvis, core strength, balance saddle fit checking for the individual rider.
  3. Basic saddle fit checking for the horse (Guest).
  4. Correction of rotational asymmetry in the individual rider to improve equitation performance.

Additional learning material:

  • A copy of the lecture slides can be downloaded as a PDF prior to the presentation.
  • Access to a recording of the webinar series will be made available for 4 weeks..
  • A compilation video showing how the rider evaluation techniques are applied will be available for download as a memory aid.

The supplementary online lectures with informative downloadable content cover:

  1. Basic human and equine musculoskeletal kinetic anatomy.
  2. Bridle fit checking.
  3. Joints, muscle action and analysing movement.
  4. Pain & Stress.
  5. Common equine back pathologies.
  6. Recognising compensatory gait.

Find the supplementary online lectures here: https://horse-saddle-rider-lab.thinkific.com/courses/Rider-Posture-Evaluation/

Payment amount includes a Ticketbud booking fee.

Ticketbud provides us only with your email address and the name you have registered with. HorseSaddleRider Lab complies fully with GDPR regulations and will only contact you with information about the webinars and any future presentations held that may interest you.

Please note that each session is scheduled to begin at London UK time which can be clarified here: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/uk/london This means that in Australasia, the event runs on the following day but in the morning, local time. In the USA the session runs 5-8 hours earlier in the day, local time.

Any queries, please email info@carolinelindsay.com

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